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RUN AND SPEAK – learn a language on the run!



You’ve got lots to do and little time, right?

You’ve been wanting to make that move and start learning German forever?

You’re quite fluent in speaking the language, but need a little brushing up on the grammar?

Confidence in telephoning is what you need in order to communicate with business partners, friends, or public authorities?

In addition, you feel the urgent need to improve your fitness or just go out for a run once in a while to get some fresh energy? BUT: time is scarce, your job once more kept you occupied longer than you had expected, and, after all, it is extremely hard to get up and get going, isn’t it?

Forget about those excuses now: RUN AND SPEAK will give you the opportunity to improve or keep up your fitness and your foreign language level at the same time.

Time is running and so are you:

You will be running with and talking to Steffi Buss who has a solid background both in language and fitness training. The long distance runner who has been working as an English and German teacher in international companies will schedule an appointment with you for a relaxing run or brisk walk. After a short analysis of your fitness and language level, she will suggest a workout which meets your demands concerning the distance, course, and pace as well as the appropriate language training strategy (e.g. practicing basic or fluent conversations, telephoning, small talk, etc.).

And this is how the entert®aining-idea works for RUN AND SPEAK:

Our run or walk will neither function as a race preparation, nor will we cover complete grammar books. Instead, we are going to focus on light physical fitness training with the bonus of improving your foreign language skills. You are going to engage in an entertaining conversation and forget you’re even doing a workout!

Find the added value: if your circulation is being activated, your brain will also benefit from the extra share of oxygen and prove more receptive for new information. Under these circumstances, learning a language is more entertaining – and you don’t even need to make the extra time effort. Customers have confirmed that the training went by in no time!

By the way, did you know that the perfect pace for a healthy run is when you are still able to speak to your running partner?

Challenge your body and challenge your mind!

You are of course invited to book German or English language training in office surroundings if you prefer a more intense approach to the language. Or how about combining traditional language training with a RUN AND SPEAK lesson once in a while? Whatever your choice is going to be, we will stick to the idea of “entert®aining” behind all of our approaches – more fun means better training. Let us analyse for you how language training can be integrated into your daily schedule without any problems.

Our service to you:

Please inquire about our prices and make a free appointment in order to have your language level analysed.

The entert®ainer will happy to receive your call or e-mail: contact


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