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1 participant 60 Euros per person
2 participants 35 Euros per person
3 participants 25 Euros per person
4 participants 20 Euros per person

for about 60 minutes

Rates for companies and group tours upon agreement

RUN AND SEE - Sightrunning – explore the city on the run!


Are you new in town or just here for a short visit?

Are you a runner? Do you like going out for brisk walks?

Or would you simply like to find out more about where you are staying and, at the same time, boost your fitness?

The number of people who discover running as their favourite sports seems to be infinite. Equally so, the demand for guided sightseeing tours is steadily increasing.

Why not combine both activities and try sightrunning?

This combination of running and sightseeing, also known as sightjogging or cityrunning has already proven to be quite popular among tourists in various major cities such as New York, Rome, Barcelona, and Berlin.

Join in with the trend and book your very own sightrunning tour in Düsseldorf! Steffi Buss, entert®ainer at RUN AND SEE DÜSSELDORF offers combined running and sightseeing tours. The experienced runner and certified city guide will show you round town, provide you with interesting details about the city’s highlights and guide you along the greatest running routes. Whether you’d like to find out where to go out at night, how the city developed into what it is today, or where you meet the most joggers on their everyday run – you will learn all about it and have a challenging workout. Call it fun, call it an experience, call it a workout, or simply call it entert®aining!

Choose RUN AND SEE, and the tour is yours! Book

  • for yourself
  • for yourself plus 1-3 additional people
  • for larger groups
  • for your company
    • for customers
    • as an incentive for the employees
    • as a present to your boss
    • to prepare for a corporate race
  • for your hotel guests
  • for your private party
  • for your club’s party
  • as a present for friends or relatives

Date, time, and pace of the tour will be customized to your needs.

Walking tours are also available!

Check Routes for a small selection of tours offered. We recommend though, that you take the chance and have your very own tour designed to meet your individual interests and demands!

The current highlight for every trade visitor and anyone interested in the city of Düsseldorf:

BEST OF THE CITY – an entert®aining tour along the most important streets in the city center. Find out about Altstadt, Rheinuferpromenade, the media harbour, and last, but not least – Königsallee!

Make your choice!

Runners participate at their own risk. The entert®ainer will do her best take care of the well-being of her customers. However, she will not hold responsible for any injuries or accidents happening on or resulting from the tour.

Call or e-mail for further information and make your booking now! CONTACT


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